Our hybrid power setup combines multiple energy sources to ensure uninterrupted power supply to your home.

Each home is equipped with a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) pipeline supply, a 5 kW inverter, and lithium battery system. This setup not only ensures continuous power for your household but also safeguards essential Estate services like security systems, water pumps and sewage systems during load shedding.

Additionally, a smart grid system will be installed, which means that if your battery runs down during load shedding, you will have access to stored energy within the central smart grid system.

Should there be a requirement for a solar power system, by either the home owner or the developer, a solar power system can be fitted at your home. There will be an additional cost for such installation.

No, with the hybrid power system in place, generators are not necessary for individual residences. However, exceptions may be made for critical services at the discretion of the Home Owners Association (HOA).


Five days after signing the Offer To Purchase (OTP) agreement a 10% deposit (15% for international buyers) is due and 30 days after that a home loan/bond, bank guarantee or full purchase price must be in place with the transfer attorneys, Hayes Inc. Once the civil infrastructure is complete, stand transfer and home construction commence.

Yes, provided the developer has consented and provided the new Purchaser has concluded a Building Agreement with Val de Vie Construction (Pty) Ltd.


While our diverse range of house types caters to various preferences, not all stands can accommodate every house types. Please consult with our sales agents for further assistance.


Occupation timelines vary based on the development phase. Civil construction typically takes approximately nine months, followed by stand transfer and home construction.


The estate is marketed and sold exclusively by Cape Winelands Properties, the developer’s estate agency. All re-sales and rentals are also managed by the accredited estate agency Cape Winelands Properties.

Yes, medium and long-term rentals (for a minimum of 3 months) can be arranged through the accredited estate agency, subject to the HOA constitution. Short-term rentals like AirBnB are not permitted for security reasons.


Fibre infrastructure will be available, with individual homeowners responsible for arranging direct access to their homes.


Biometric access control, electric fencing, thermal perimeter cameras, individual authorisation for all contractors, tactical armed response, perimeter patrols, internal responder vehicles and intelligence gathering.


Running and walking tracks, a Padel court, outdoor gym, sports field, clubhouse, play parks, picnic areas and a dog park.

Yes, the clubhouse will include a small deli and coffee shop.

Yes, the clubhouse is available for birthday parties and other events.


Founded in 2015, the Val de Vie Foundation Trust is a charitable organisation focusing on sustainable community initiatives, education and entrepreneurship. It supports over 40 organisations in the Paarl-Franschhoek community through its implementation partner, Nation Builder. To date, over R40 million has been raised and distributed to the most vulnerable, with the aim of providing a better life for everyone in our local community.

A percentage of all developer sales and a small contribution from levies will be donated to the Val de Vie Foundation.


LPG is a convenient energy solution that delivers gas directly to your home, eliminating the hassle of refills and storage of gas cylinders. LPG powers various appliances including geysers, stove tops, ovens, braais and fireplaces.

Cost-effective energy that leads to long-term savings. Additionally, LPG remains unaffected by power outages or weather conditions.  Prepaid gas metering allows you the flexibility to manage your gas usage conveniently through online platforms.

Yes, gas pipeline supplies have been widely used across America, Europe, and Australia for the last 50 years. As an additional safety measure, all homes on the estate will be equipped with gas leak detectors.

Our trusted partner, GPS (Gas Piping Services), with over 42 years of experience, will handle the installation.

Reduce your carbon footprint with LPG, a cleaner-burning fossil fuel that  produces fewer emissions compared to coal or oil. By choosing LPG, you’re making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.


No, to maintain quality and consistency, all construction will be carried out by Val de Vie Construction (Pty) Ltd and its subcontractors.

Yes, stand registration is a prerequisite before construction can begin, ensuring legal compliance and ownership rights.


Yes, subject to adherence to our architectural guidelines and availability of space.

Yes, whether as part of the initial building agreement or post-completion.


Monthly levies, estimated at R2775 inclusive of VAT, cover various expenses such as security, landscaping, maintenance, estate management and access to communal facilities. The Developer covers the first 8 months of levies from registration of the stand.

Yes, our HOA, mandated by municipal bylaws, ensures adherence to estate rules and regulations. The HOA is established upon transfer of the first subdivided erf from the developer to a purchaser. Amari has been appointed as the managing agent. On establishment of the HOA, Val de Vie Management (Pty) Ltd, will be appointed as the developer management company for the development period which is until the last house is sold.


The HOA’s trustees and managers enforec estate rules.

Pitbull terriers, Rottweilers, Boerboels or mixed breeds within these species are not allowed.

You may keep one dog and one cat; not two of a kind. No breeding of dogs or cats is allowed, and all cats and dogs must be registered with the HOA. Pets must wear a tag with details at all times. Dogs must be on a leash when walked outside of your property. No reptiles, rodents, farm animals or any exotic pets may be brought onto the Estate or kept and no noisy birds may be kept outside. No aviaries are allowed. Cats need to wear a bell and must be neutered or spayed. Refer to Estate Rules for more detail.

The speed limit is set at 25km/h to ensure a safe environment for families and pedestrians.

While working from home is allowed, turning your residence into an office with daily employee visits are not allowed.


Domestic refuse will be collected weekly from homes by Drakenstein municipality and green waste by a subcontractor of the management agency.

The estate covers 43.3 hectares.

Yes, a small dam will be built.

As many indigenous trees as possible be kept intact.

Yes, biometric fingerpring access.