Not all house types can be accommodated on all plots. Please consult our sales agents for further assistance.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is piped directly to your home, eliminating the need for deliveries or storage tanks.

LPG can be used for powering water heaters (geysers), gas stoves, braais and fireplaces.

LPG is more cost effective than electricity, and homeowners can expect a reduction in their energy bills over time. In addition, LPG is a reliable source of energy that is not affected by power outages or weather conditions. This means that your home will have a consistent source of power. With prepaid gas metering you can make purchases online and manage your bills via your computer or mobile phone.

Grid gas supply has been widely used across America, Europe, and Australia for the last 50 years. A gas pipeline supply is extremely safe and eliminates the need for exposure to gas cylinders. As an additional safety measure, all homes on the Estate will be fitted with gas leak detectors.

Val de Vie Management has partnered with GPS (Professional Gas Piping Services) a wellestablished and highly reputable organisation. GPS has over 42 years of experience in providing gas pipeline supplies to other Estates (as well as power plants, commercial businesses and hotels) across South Africa.

LPG is a cleaner-burning fossil fuel than coal or oil, which means that it produces fewer emissions.

No, with the smart grid and battery and inverter solution in each house, generators will not be necessary. The only exception would be for the Home Owners Association (HOA) to install generators for critical services.

Five days after signing the Offer To Purchase (OTP) agreement a 10% deposit (15% for international buyers) is due and 30 days after that a home loan/bond, bank guarantee or full purchase price must be in place with the transfer attorneys, Hayes Inc. Once the civil infrastructure is in place the relevant stand will transfer and then building of the house will commence.

Yes, provided the Developer has consented and provided the new Purchaser has concluded a Building Agreement with Val de Vie Construction (Pty) Ltd.

No, all building work will be carried out by Val de Vie Construction (Pty) Ltd and its subcontractors.

Yes, however, any extensions are dependent upon the stand and available space. Any alterations / extensions must adhere to the Estate’s architectural guidelines.  

Yes, either as part of the initial building agreement or after completion of the building project.

This will depend on the phase of the development. In Phase 1A, civil construction will start once the Developer sells more than 70 units. Civil infrastructure will be completed in approximately nine months, stands will then be transferred, and the construction of homes will commence. 

With loadshedding expected to continue well into the future, Val de Vie Management has made provisions to ensure that every home, and the Estate-wide systems, will have access to alternative energy sources.

For individual homeowners, this includes revolutionary energy management via a gas pipeline supply, plus an inverter and battery system included in every home as standard. For the Estate this means that security systems, water pumps and sewerage will remain (for most part) unaffected by loadshedding.

As an added measure, an Estate-wide smart grid system will be installed. This will mean that if your battery runs down during loadshedding you will have access to any stored energy within the central smart grid system. Usage will be controlled to ensure that any additional stored energy is used fairly by all homeowners. Please note that if required by the Developer or by you, a solar power system can be fitted at your home. There will be an additional cost for such installation.

All homes will have gas geysers and a gas stove (oven and hob) fitted to make the gas pipeline supply relevant.

The current estimate is R3000 per month. This will cover all expenses of the HOA e.g. security, landscaping, maintenance, management and access to communal facilities.

Yes, the Estate will have an HOA as required by the Drakenstein Municipality’s Land Use Planning bylaw. The HOA is established on transfer of the first subdivided erf from the Developer to a purchaser. On establishment of the HOA, Val de Vie Management (Pty) Ltd, will be the managing agent for the development period which is until the last house is sold.  

The Estate Rules will be enforced by the HOA’s Trustees and managers on the Estate working with the Trustees.

The Estate will have the necessary fibre infrastructure to enable internet access, but each individual homeowner will be responsible for arranging access directly to their home.   

Pitbull terriers, Rottweilers, Boerboels or mixed breeds within these species are not allowed.

Collected weekly from homes by Drakenstein Municipality.

Yes, Paarl Valleij Lifestyle Estate & Farm will have the most up to date security features available.

Paarl Valleij Lifestyle Estate & Farm is a family and pedestrian friendly Estate and the speed limit is 25km/hour.

The Estate covers 43.3 hectares.

On completion, the Estate will have running and walking tracks, an outdoor gym, sports field, clubhouse, play parks, picnic areas and a dog park.

You will not be able to turn your home into an office and have employees come to your home on a daily basis to work. You will obviously be able to work from home provided it does not serve as an office where other employees of your business work from.

Founded in 2015, the Val de Vie Foundation Trust is a South African trust, which operates as a charity with a focus on investing in initiatives with a sustainable impact, with a focus on education, community needs and creating entrepreneurs. Over 50 organisations in the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley are supported financially by the Val de Vie Foundation through its implementation partner, Valcare. To date, over R40 million has been raised and distributed to the most vulnerable, with the aim of providing a better life for everyone in our local community.

A percentage of all home sales on the Estate and a small contribution from levies will be donated to the Val de Vie Foundation with the aim of local community upliftment both now and in the future.

All sales pre-establishment of the HOA will have to occur with the Developer’s consent and the property may only be marketed by the Developer, through its estate agent, because you will not yet be the owner of the Property.  Once you become the owner of the Property, all sales, rental and marketing have to attended to by the HOA’s accredited estate agents as per the HOA’s Constitution.

Security measures in place on the Estate include access control, License Plate Recognition technology, biometric access, electric fencing, thermal perimeter cameras, internal CCTV cameras, individual authorisation for visitors, biometric registration for all contractors, tactical armed response, perimeter patrols, internal responder vehicles and intelligence gathering,

You may keep one dog and one cat; not two of a kind. No breeding of dogs or cats is allowed and all cats and dogs must be registered with the HOA. Pets must wear a tag with details. No reptiles, rodents, farm animals or any exotic pets may be brought onto the Estate or kept and no noisy birds may be kept outside. No aviaries are allowed. Cats need to wear a bell and must be neutered or spayed. Refer to Estate Rules for more detail.

Yes, you will be able to arrange medium and long-term rentals via the accredited Estate Agency in terms of the HOA constitution (for a minimum period of three months). Please note that Airbnb and other short-term rentals are not permitted for security reasons and leases will be subject to the procedure set out in the Estate Rules from time to time.